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Get 5000 extra crowns when you make a purchase with Wizard101 Coupon Code & Promo Code or cheat codes 2018 at promocodelawn.com. Wizard101 is a Free Online Multiplayer Wizard school adventure game with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds. They allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds. You have the ability to choose a Wizard and its primary school of magic from this list: Myth, Ice, Fire, Death, Life, Balance, and Storm. Each school of magic has its own unique set of strengths.

Wizard101 Coupon Code – 25% OFF : New!
Get 25% Off your order with cheat code during checkout.

Wizard101 coupon code – 25% OFF


Wizard101 Promo Code – 5000 Extra Crowns : Ongoing!
Get 5000 extra crowns when you make a purchase with Wizard101 Promo Code during checkout.

Wizard101 5000 Extra Crowns Promo Code


Wizard101 Coupon Code – Free Rare 2500 Crowns : New!
Get a free rare pet and 2500 crowns with $6 purchase with promotional code during online purchase.

Wizard101 Free Rare 2500 Crowns  Coupon Code


List of Latest Wizard101 Coupon code or Cheat Codes 2018

  • P437D-7L863-36TLM-8Q482 – Get 2000 crowns each month and a fog staff. Use this code when creating an account.
  • SURPRISEPACK – Get your free wizard101 mystery pack.
  • skyvern – One free pack a palooza.
  • 9098123 – Get $38 off pangoda gauntlat.
  • A6L6D-8L7F2-42G4M-LQ345 – Get Bonus 1250 crowns.
  • 5years – Get $400 for membership to wizard101 and pirate101
  • 82181-20125-32104-37795 – Get Free Crowns.
  • SURPRISEPACK – Get Free Gifts.
  • 9499D-2LQE5-3492M-QL226 – Get Free crowns.
  • R003D-818V5-2940M-72269 – MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT AND PAY $6 OR MORE FOR OVER 1250 CROWNS.
  • abode – Get a Krokotopian Bookshelf with code.
  • 75609-12125-02549-71584 – Receive free crowns with $6+ purchase.
  • C969D-9LLM4-4QN7M-LQL42 – Get free crowns when you join.
  • CQQ8D-9L6G2-35T9M-Q27QQ – Get Free Crowns When you make a new character, put in this code at the friend code section.
  • C133D-715F7-21E1M-51461 – Get 500 Crowns When Starting A New Membership With A Purchase Of $6 Or More.
  • C374D-3LQU6-34T9M-5L7Q4 – Get 1250 crowns when you sign up with this code (creating a new account) and make a purchase of $6 or more.
  • CQQ8D9L6G235T9MQ27QQ – Get Free crowns.
  • X53LD-5LQE3-44F8M-8Q8QL – Free crowns.
  • 3683D-LL8ML-44M7M-QQQ36 – Get Bonus Crowns For New Account With Purchase Of $6+.
  • 7544D-3L932-3QU9M-7L7QQ – If you make a new account and make a purchase over $6 you will receive 500 coins.
  • N859D-2L5C9-39X5M-8LLL4 – Get Bonus Crowns for new account with purchase of $6 or more.
  • bdayelixir – Enter the code for a Free Major Fishing Luck Elixir.
  • D475D-4LQYQ-2799M-8L762 – Get Bonus Crowns for each new person who creates a new account and makes a single purchase of $6 or more on that account.
  • Poppy – Purchase 2 Poppy Wreath Housing Items to help honor our Veterans with Code.
  • G275D-6L7Q5-33N4M-7L448 – Get Free crowns with a $6 purchase.
  • bday5 – Get Free item.
  • UQ79D-QL647-37UQM-QL647 – Get 1250 crowns or more when you buy $6 worth of items.

How to Redeem Wizard101 Codes?

  • Go to the wizard101.com
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • In the menu under your character name you’ll see “Redeem Card or Code”.
  • A box will pop up with two buttons on it. “Wizard101 Promotional Codes” button.
  • Enter the code in the box at the bottom and follow the prompts.
  • If you’re in the game, log out and back in again.

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